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Getting Buy-In for your Digital Transformation

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We get it, sales digitalisation is not exactly exciting stuff and explaining the benefits and onboarding your team to your project can be hard. Luckily you're not alone and we've outlined the key benefits for stakeholders across your organisation on why they should be excited and more engaged with your project.

CEO/ Managing Director

Driving the cost control and digital transformation agenda.

ApplyOn offers turn-key and rapid sales digitalisation solutions that significantly reduce costs, time and risks of digital transformation . Normally these solutions take months or years to deliver, have high-risks in successful delivery. ApplyOn has done the hard work already so CEO's can achieve major milestones and big results quickly and affordably. 

These include: (1) improving your digital customer offering, (2) acquiring more customers online, (3) improving sales and marketing data analytics and decision making, (4) ensuring customer data is secure, (5) reducing customer acquiring and processing costs and (6) enabling more rapid deployment of new products and pricing to the market.

Longer term they can use the data in the platform to inform product and commercial decisions, to drive sales and marketing priorities.

‍CCO/ Sales Manager 

Real time data across all sales channels and teams and reduced sales and acquiring costs. 

ApplyOn gives sales managers and CCOs improved visibility, control and cost savings across their customer acquisition and onboarding processes while delivering omni-channel sales including digital channels. From a single platform business decision makers can now manage all their leads, processes, teams and data on a single platform easily, affordably and quickly. 

The key management benefits for sales managers and CCO’s are significant:

  1. Managing Leads: Collecting leads from website forms, quote calculators, contact requests, and social media lead ads, retrieval, creation and editing all leads in a single platform. 
  2. Managing Processes: Digitalising processes underwriting, approvals, documentation, KYC/AML processes and reporting. 
  3. Managing Teams: Generating activity and performance data across all channels and teams including website, call centre, branches, field teams and external agents. 
  4. Managing Data: Full data complaint management, security, back-up and recovery. Improved data reporting on channels, teams and product performance for better control and management.

Further, ApplyOn’s simple and intuitive user design makes it easy to train staff and sales teams within 60 mins reducing time and costs of training and improving adoption rates. 

CMO/ ‍Marketing 

Improve digital advertising ROI and turn websites into powerful customer acquisition platforms. 

Looking to generate more new business from your digital advertising and website? ApplyOn is proven to deliver results and delivers up to 342% growth in qualified sales leads. 

Not every visitor to your site is ready to buy right now, in fact most are not, so why do most sites online have one option which is usually around: Request a Quote/ Contact us/ Apply Online which comes after paragraphs of text they don’t want to read? 

Across over 5 million annual visitors to ApplyOn powered websites we typically see a 50:5:1 ratio: for every 50 visitors visiting your website to research a purchase, 5 are in the process of buying and 1 is actively purchasing now. ApplyOn enables you to engage customers and generate qualified leads on your digital platforms including website and social media at all stages of their buying process. 

We know a customer just starting their product purchase research doesn’t want to fill out a 30 to 50 question application form or read paragraphs of content, so why make them? We help you to engage the customer with tools that suit their needs. Financial products are not like buying a TV with a fixed price. Their rates and affordability have multiple variables and best websites offer customers instant clickable calculators that help them answer the most important questions based on their data in a few clicks. These questions include ‘is the right product for me? Can I afford this? How much might this cost? Am I likely to qualify? What do I need?’. Our calculators enable customers to research their purchase in their own time while you generate valuable leads and data improving your digital advertising ROI. 

CFO/ Finance Manager

Better cost control and ensuring ROI from digital transformation investment. 

With up-to 70% lower software and platform costs, no capital investment and an exceptionally low risk of project success, CFO's love when milestones can be achieved without breaking the budget.

The platform also delivers better data insights for improved efficiency and decision making around recurring processes. New customer revenues won't hurt either as there is a clear return on investment case from (1) increased sales and revenues from customer acquisition, (2) lower unit acquisition costs per customer and use of efficient digital marketing channels and (3) predicable budgeting and transparency on service delivery.


If you would like to learn more or speak to one of our experienced solution experts then let us know, we’d be happy to talk. 


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