Customer Management & Acquisition.
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The world's fastest digital customer management platform for finance and insurance SMEs to digitalise channels and customer lifecycle without replacing or upgrading core systems.
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Trusted by financial & insurance teams globally.

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Complete Customer Lifecyle

Digitalise your complete customer lifecycle faster and unlock unparalleled productivity, omni-channel service delivery and fully integrated customer data security and compliance.

Digital application and lead management software.  Sales CRM, Workflow digitalisation and process automation.


Customer Sales
Rate, Quote & Apply
Customer Onboarding


Digital Customer Records
Customer Forms & Documents
Secure Document Request & Upload
Customer AML


Digital Renewals
Digital Cross-Selling
Digital Claims
Digital Service & Ticketing

Seamless Connectivity

Create integrated, omni-channel capabilities without the need for core system upgrades or costly integrations all while maintaining robust security and compliance management.

Digital application and lead management software.  Sales CRM, Workflow digitalisation and process automation.


ApplyOn is the first all-in-one digital experience platform for finance and insurance teams that enables them to transform their operations and online customer offering fast and affordably with powerful industry modules.


Collect digital signatures securely from multiple parities if required with ApplyOn's integrated e-signature solution with bank-grade security and auditable and immutable records.


Identity verification is a fully integrated experience powered by Planet Verify, an award winning solution enabling fast, compliant and cost effective verification.


Automatically produce and send custom digital documentation including contracts, proposal forms and policies with pre-filled data improving document control and reducing manual processes.


Securely store your customer and transaction data including documents with triple redundancy and real-time retrieval with data compliance rules management with multi-zone availability.

Customer Upload

Collect documents including files, images and videos from customers seamlessly and securely securely with automated chase to reduce follow-ups and improve conversion including onboarding, claims, AML and sales.


Automated Configure, Price & Quote (CPQ) solution with fully configurable ratings and business rules engine to ensure real-time, accurate pricing, underwriting and approvals with full transparency.

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Customer Management. Made Faster.


For Insurers & Brokers
A wide range of brokers, insurers and MGAs from all lines of business trust ApplyOn to launch new end-to-end digital customer experiences across sales, claims, support and renewals . ApplyOn can quickly and effective digitalise new or existing products with end-to-end quote to bind in as little as 30 days for any insurance product type.
For Credit Unions & Lenders
ApplyOn is used by a number of lenders and finance providers to digitalise and automate new account opening, loan quotation and application, approvals and onboarding. ApplyOn incomes a full ratings and rules engine, document capture, identity verification, e-signature and underwriting for fast, frictionless and compliant processes.
For Education
Automating student processes including finance applications, insurance, admissions, grant applications and other financial services is made easy with ApplyOn. We can help educational institutions and financial service providers to reach and convert students online without the need to visit the office and improving back-office efficiency.
For Public Services
ApplyOn offers a wide range of solutions to public sector bodies including grant and loan applications, document and license renewals, tenders, registrations, and payments with our compliance-based platform including AMl, audit and reporting.

Product Pricing

  • 2 Digital Processes
  • 5 Seats/ Users
  • 30-Day Onboarding
  • 10,000 Customer Records
  • Helpdesk
  • 5 Digital Processes
  • 10 Seats/ Users
  • 30-Day Onboarding
  • 10,000 Customer Records
  • Account Manager
  • Unlimited Digital Processes
  • Unlimited Seats/ Users
  • Custom Onboarding
  • Unlimited Customer Records
  • Dedicated account manager

All pricing exclude VAT and are based on annual plan. Implementation fees and any process modules including Ratings, E-Sign, Upload, Vault, E-Docs and APIs subject to quote.
Additional users €49 each, additional experiences €199 each.

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